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ACME Corporation uses the eLAAS Platform for all its training requirements under its Digital Transformation initiative. The online courses can be accessed via the eLAAS mobile app for iOS and Android.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed ACME’s training needs and policies. It became mandatory that all courses be conducted online, and this transformation required expertise that ACME lacked. ACME chose eLAAS as they had the ideal solution.

ACME needs a variety of training to serve its community of employees, partners, suppliers, vendors and other business associates. The following wide range of training categories helps to cater to this need:

  • Soft Skills courses are mainly for its employees.
  • Digital Transformation courses are for employees and partners.
  • Compliance is for employees and various business associates.
  • Checklists are micro-courses designed to serve as reminders for key processes and procedures.
  • Safety courses are mandatory for all employees and partners who handle equipment or are in some danger at work.
  • Sales and Marketing courses are aimed mainly at the sales force, but some partner sales teams are also given access to them on a case-to-case basis.

The eLAAS platform is ideal for ACME’s needs as it is hosted on a domain different from ACME’s domain and hence is outside of ACME’s firewall. However, the platform is easily and securely available to ACME’s employees and its business associates.

The Android and iOS apps facilitate the ‘Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device’ concept making it really easy to do the courses.

In fact, a lot of ACME’s employees complete some of their mandatory courses during their commute to the office.

Since the entire platform is outsourced (from maintenance, mobile apps to uploading of courses and reporting), ACME only has to plan and design the content. eLAAS does all of the rest, in a safe and secure cloud-based environment.