Creative Approaches to Problem Solving

Learn to think out of the box
Shyam · April 15, 2021

Objectives of the course

Solving a problem creatively means approaching the problem in an attractive way, using your imagination to think outside the box, gain new perspectives and develop fresh ideas and solutions.

Sometimes when you’re solving a tricky problem, critical thinking can morph into over-thinking and stifle ideas. In times like those, you need a change of focus and fresh perspective; you need to open your mind to unexpected thoughts that can lead you to a creative solution.

This course will give you an overview to launch your own journey to creatively solve problems through grounding yourself in both traditional and creative problem-solving techniques.


  • Learn to distinguish between traditional and creative problem-solving techniques
  • Identity and implement steps to creatively solve a problem
  • Apply facilitation and evaluation techniques that lead to a creative solution

Course content

  • What is creative problem solving?

  • Steps to take to creatively solve a problem

  • Using facilitation and evaluation techniques

    • Define

    • Gather

    • Evaluate

    • Brainstorm

    • What’s next

    • Skills practice

  • Skills practice

Who should take this course?

Anybody who values out-of-the-box thinking will benefit from this course.

About Instructor


Shyam Cholayil has over 25 years of experience in C-level and executive positions with world-leading technology corporations, including Microsoft, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems across disciplines that include technology marketing, business strategy, and market development. While at Microsoft, he led business development for two of the tech giant’s most profitable lines: Windows Server and SQL Server. Shyam is a recognized electronic learning expert and consultant and has worked with clients including Dell, HP, Oracle Corporation, and Cognizant to execute experiential learning programs. Shyam holds an MBA from the Nanyang Business School in Singapore and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in renewable energy management at Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

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