Effective Stress Management

Improve health and quality of life by managing your stress
Shyam · April 25, 2021

Objectives of the course

“It’s not stress that kills us. It is our reaction to it”. That’s a quote from Hans Selye, the scientist who first proved the existence of biological stress. He discovered that stress has a typical effect on both the body and the mind. That’s why managing stress is crucial to leading a productive and happy life.

Everyone is susceptible to stress in one form or another. Recognizing stress triggers and using tools to better manage stress in your work and personal life is key to your health and happiness.

This course will help you discover the sources of stress in your own life and help you better limit their effects on you. Once you understand where stress comes from and how it can be harmful, we’ll discuss various techniques you can employ to better manage your stress.


  • Learn to define stress

  • Identify types of chronic and acute stress

  • List your personal stress triggers

  • Understand the negative impacts of stress in a person’s life

  • Explore lifestyle changes and behaviors that can help to minimize stress

  • Explain your personal plan for reducing stress and managing its impact on your life

Course content

  • What is stress?

  • What are your personal stress triggers?

  • How can stress negatively impact your life?

  • What lifestyle behaviors can help you manage stress?

  • Skills practice

Who should take this course?

Anybody committed to improving health and quality of life should take this course.

About Instructor


Shyam Cholayil has over 25 years of experience in C-level and executive positions with world-leading technology corporations, including Microsoft, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems across disciplines that include technology marketing, business strategy, and market development. While at Microsoft, he led business development for two of the tech giant’s most profitable lines: Windows Server and SQL Server. Shyam is a recognized electronic learning expert and consultant and has worked with clients including Dell, HP, Oracle Corporation, and Cognizant to execute experiential learning programs. Shyam holds an MBA from the Nanyang Business School in Singapore and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in renewable energy management at Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

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