People Skills

Better relationships through improved people skills
user · November 18, 2020

Objectives of the course

Good people skills are essential for both your professional and personal life and help you to communicate better and get along well with others. At the workplace, people skills are extremely essential to promote a harmonious environment. This course will teach you the basics of interpersonal skills. Everything that is discussed, while important at work, also applies to your life outside of work. Topics covered include:

  • Define people skills
  • Utilize tools to improve your people skills
  • Asking for feedback from others
  • How to connect with a mentor


  • Increases your ability to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships

  • Understand yourself and others better

  • Make your communication effective so you get the results you want

  • Gain confidence and drive to advance your career

Course content

  • Define interpersonal or people skills
  • Identify people skills
  • Learn to utilize the five key tools for people skills:
  • Verbal communication: what we say
  • Nonverbal communication: what we communicate without words
  • Active listening: how we interpret both verbal and nonverbal messages
  • Assertiveness: being self-assured and confident in our speech and actions
  • Positive attitude: being upbeat and cooperative
  • How to get feedback from others
  • How to benefit by connecting with a mentor

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for people who want to improve their people skills and have better relationships at work as well in their personal lives.

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