Sell Benefits, Not Features

Talking about Features is talking about US; Talking about Benefits, is talking about THEM
user · March 14, 2021

Objectives of the course

An element of the sales cycle that is all-too-often overlooked by sales professionals: that people buy out of self-interest. Both parties in a sales cycle are interested in what they will get out of it. Sales is not about us, the sales person- it’s about the Buyer. Buyers buy benefits that are beneficial to themselves.

Uncovering the benefits that your customers will get by using your product or service, and this is what will  excite strong interest in your prospects

People buy because of the benefit your offering provides to them.


  • Differentiate between features, advantages, and benefits
  • Explain the importance of focusing on benefits
  •  Avoid the biggest mistake salespeople make when pitching their product

Course Content

  • Purpose of Benefits
  • Build Your Sell Strategy
  • The 3Ps

Who should take this course?

This course is for Salespeople who wish to accelerate the sales cycle to sell their offerings.



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