Techniques for Conflict Resolution

Resolve conflicts efficiently
Shyam · November 18, 2020

Objectives of the course

Conflicts – both small and large are part of our everyday lives. Conflict happens in situations in which people disagree or find themselves in opposition to another’s point of view. Given that we spend a good amount of time at work, conflict is also an inevitable part of work solutions.

Positive or negative feelings about conflict are behind the scenes any time conflict comes up, and they impact how we resolve issues. Part of conflict resolution involves understanding the common reasons people get into conflict with each other.

Unresolved conflict can lead to loss in productivity and motivation, and increased frustration. This course will teach you how to CATCH interpersonal conflict early and manage it before it gets out of hand.


  • Learn to recognize conflict
  • Quickly visualize the results of unresolved conflict
  • Understand how to CATCH conflict
  • Learn how and when to use the CATCH model to resolve conflict

Course content

  • Define conflict and identify sources of conflict
  • Understand the results of unresolved conflict
  • Resolve conflict: CATCH It!
  • Use the CATCH mode
  • Skills practice
  • A quiz – test yourself!

Who should take this course?

This course is for anyone who will eventually experience some kind of conflict in a personal or professional situation and will need to negotiate a resolution.

About Instructor


Shyam Cholayil has over 25 years of experience in C-level and executive positions with world-leading technology corporations, including Microsoft, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems across disciplines that include technology marketing, business strategy, and market development. While at Microsoft, he led business development for two of the tech giant’s most profitable lines: Windows Server and SQL Server. Shyam is a recognized electronic learning expert and consultant and has worked with clients including Dell, HP, Oracle Corporation, and Cognizant to execute experiential learning programs. Shyam holds an MBA from the Nanyang Business School in Singapore and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in renewable energy management at Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

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